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July 31, 2009



aw~! uniqua! i was hoping that my little boy would stay in love with them but he's moved on to "charlie & lola" and animal shows. LOVE the colors and the lighting. can't wait to see this on a layout.


oh she just gets more and more adorable by the minute!!! can't wait to see you guys!!! **HUGS**

Stephanie Mah

aww...she is to could you reject her.:)
have a great weekend!


She is tooo cute!


that last picture is TOO cute!


Absolutely adorable!!


There would be no way to say no would there, adorable.


awwwww, she's soooo adorable!!! love those big eyes! :) such a cutie!

jacqueline yeo

Who can ever say NO to that face! She is absolutely gorgeous!!! :) Love the quilt she's lying on too :)


That Elsie is just too darn cute!


aww, what a great excuse to stop! she's stinkin' cute! (as all your kids)

Lauren H.

She is so, so beautiful. What an inspirational little angelic face.

Kelli Trontell

Oh my goodness!!!!
So cute.
Too sweet.
I love this!


ohhh...those big round eyes...
see you saturday miss elsie...xoxoxmamaxoxox


sorry to say jame... els is losing her baby fat on the face.

Katrinna J.

Love her pictures...she's getting prettier as she gets older. Charming!

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