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October 01, 2009



So we'll hear more from you on your blog?! Yay!!
As usual, beautiful pictures of E!


No worries about the Easter bunny. At least yours was in the freezer. I found some M&M's in an M&M "bunny" container this past week. And my son thereupon started finishing them off. *sigh*
I hear 'ya about twitter and facebook! Definitely sucks up your time after a while.


It's kind of funny that underneath your Post a comment section it says sign in with Twitter or Facebook. lol
It's everywhere!!!
Love you! I am purging things too! Miss you tons! Hug to everyone!


Yay! This is great news cause I don't tweet or facebook lol and I really thought you were going to stop blogging there for awhile!
Ta so much :)


Hi Jamie...I hear ya..FB takes so much time, I have hardley been able to keep up with it. I never got on Twitter, I can only imagine how hard it is to manage.

Kids look great, hope all is well.


Stephanie Mah

now i know why i didnt get to see you at facebook.:p is alright as long as you still blog.:) let's keep in touch via email.:)

tara pollard pakosta

I signed up for Twitter, but never use it. Facebook is bad enough. THANKFULLY, I hate the iphone, or I would definately be addicted. I can't stand the touch screens on those things, I can never get them to work!
I am trying to scale back on the computer thing. At least I am mostly on while my girls are gone all day!
love the pix!
can't wait to see some scrappy pages! and maybe a challenge or two!

Tanya M.

I feel your pain. I can see you're trying to figure out what to cut out of your life to make more time for the "real" parts of life, but I hope it's not your blog. :) I've been seeing your scrap pages online forEVER, so I kinda feel like I know your family even though I totally don't. That's the weird thing about the Internet. Anyway. Technology can really become a burden sometimes--it definitely needs to be controlled or it will take over. P.S. I have never thought to put candy in the freezer. Now I will.

Lisa Dickinson

good for you! i hope that means we'll get to see even more of your fab inspiration right here :)


Please never say good-bye to your blog, please.

Katrinna J.

Yes, I agree..Facebook takes a lot of times, esp. if you're playing their games. I don't tweet. Maybe next time, but I am occupied with FB already. We will miss you at FB,but seeing you once a week is still good...Jamie. Enjoy all your family pictures and always amazing pictures of the weddings you take. I always look forward to everyone you put upload. Like your blog a lot too. Thanks for sharing!

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