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October 29, 2009


Stephanie Mah

happy halloween! sweet photos of E.:)
err.... can i have one of those cupcakes? :p


Happy Halloween!! Love you! Miss you! ((((hugs)))

jamie k

dots has got halloween cuppies right now?! aw man! what I would do for a cupcake right NOW...happy halloween Waters family!


So THAT'S where Kira is interning!! ;) Let's meet up for cupcakes and coffee soon!

amy lapi

WOW so cute!!! :D

lisa truesdell

that is so, so awesome for kira!

Katrinna J.

Els is so cute, no matter what she's wearing!


this reminds me, i need to give you the girls' past halloween costumes for elsie. ... and next time i'm there pls take me to this dots place.

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