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October 05, 2009


amy lapi

jamie, she's probably the cutest thing ever :)


I had to hide Grant's boots from him all summer - the kid would wear them to bed if I allowed it! LOL!!


soooo glad you are back to blogging! oh, how i've missed you. and now, i'm inspired! the kids look great. gosh, the boys are handsome!

kelli trontell

oh my goodness.
so cute.
so sweet!!


susan d.

so cute!

i'm so excited to take the kiddos to go see the movies. we have the dvds, but i remember dh & i being some of only a few childless adults in the theaters the first time around. can't pass up 3d!

Stephanie Mah

too cute & sweet! :)


you posted pictures of the boys! yay for you!! Elsie is just too cute!


cutest picture ever!

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