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October 22, 2009


Stephanie Mah

sweet photo of E. :)

Paige Evans

I'm so not used to being this hot in late October! Where's the snow? :)


cute picture! I know how you feel though, my girls were in shorts not Fall weather!


i love your pics! ahhh, i do see that she did lose some of her baby fat :(. still cute though!


ditto!!! we got some tiny pumpkins too!!


Just come visit us and you will see an array of reds oranges yellows & browns. Fall is beautiful in the NW. However sometimes we sit up here in the rain and cold and long for sunny summer weather like in CA. It's wet & rainy here today! Love you!

Tanya M.

Oh my goodness, you need to be in Idaho! Okay, California is nice too, but hey, it's cold here! I've had the kids in hats and coats for at least a month now. You're only a few states over--so weird how the weather works.


So cute!! I am enjoying the last days of warmth, I must admit!

Natalie Hochberg

I understand how you feel. I live in Florida, we had a couple of cold days but now it feels like summer again. I could go swimming if I wanted to. Hope the weather gets better for you. Love the pic.

tara pollard pakosta

Fall is in full swing here now, leaves on the trees are at their peak, it's about 55 degrees, cold , wet, rainy and a tiny bit of sun. too cold and wet to enjoy being OUT though! I wish so much to take pix in the leaves!

Sasha Farina

how come she's looking more like a little girl and less like a baby? *sigh* can you tell I've been getting all my baby fix from your photos of els?

Lisa DIckinson

we're supposed to get snow today :) want me to send some out to you?!?

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