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December 07, 2009



sounds like my kinda day! the laker win was my gift to C. happy bday to a wonderful man, hubby, and daddy. :)

PS- why does E look like she's in Iran in that pic w/the scarf over her head?


Thanks for a great day babe. Kind of wished I'd brushed my hair now.


happy birthday!


That place looks cool....I bet my hubby would like that too! Thanks for sharing!


Happy Birthday Chris!!!!!! You deserve the best (which you already have)! :)

Ryan Schulz

That place looks amazing! I think I have to add that to my "Places to See" list. Sports photography is so fun!

Stephanie B

what is the brand name of your husbands jacket??? My husband has been wanting one since we saw "The Proposal." We watched it again last night and I thought what a perfect gift.


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