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December 11, 2009


Jessica O'Brien

elsie's face is hilarious in those pictures! like eating the house is a crime against humanity! i love it.

such warm, cozy thoughts in this post. less decorating and productivity over here, but tea and lounging on the couch! :)


Looks great! I made my first gingerbread house last year, it was so much fun I hope to try another one this year :)

stephanie mah

beautiful pictures! i love E facial expression in every photos, too cute!


OK I am convinced that it must be the right thing to do, so I too am skipping out on the Christmas card thing. Thanks for the inadvertent encouragement. :-) We are making a Wiltons house this week too. I will post Eliza making it on FaceBook. Merry Christmas oxox

Katrinna J.

Love your decorations..very creative Jamie! Did u do it, or got some help from kira? It's great to see all your kids in pics. With their different expressions--priceless! Enjoy and don't stress about having lots on your plate. December is a short month. Take care, that everyone will be well and healthy! God bless!

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