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December 15, 2009



It's so true. I used to hate mustard & now that is all I have on my sandwich. I love coffee without sugar or syrups. Brussel Sprouts ....I don't know. I still think I can't eat them. Love you! See you soon!

Tanya M.

I completely went through all those tastebud changes as I matured, as well. Does everyone? I don't know. I used to hate onions, mushrooms, salmon, and so many other things. I basically lived on carbs. Now my favorite way to eat onion is sliced into rings, salted, and put on the grill in a vegetable tray. They're so smoky and the best onion flavor ever!


Great post and really wonderful photos. Just gorgeous.
We actually let the stinkers make pancakes the other day, all by themselves. Went really well. Surprisingly well even. (ok 2 disclaimers: we were very nearby and listening intently to the whole process ("spying??"). and #2 they were Batter Blaster instant pancakes. but still - pretty good!)
Cooking together is one of our fave things as well. Thanks again for this post!
Happy Holidays


I used to hate Brussels sprouts too -- but I sautee a sweet onion and then partially steam some frozen Hanover-brand petite baby sprouts and then finish them up in a pan with olive oil and onion and salt and lemon pepper -- and then I will deglaze the pan with white wine. Very tasty. Oh, and sometimes I throw just a handful of real bacon bits in with the onion and sweat out the bacon flavor all over those sprouts! Also good!

Love your blog -- truly!


The recipe is super delicious and yummy.It is an excellent and scrumptious recipe.

Shannon Tidwell

Love that she keeps those two fingers up!:)

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Wow! That looks very mouth watering. Oh! I love to taste it.

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Hot chocolate I’m going to miss that. It’s so delicious.

starr Mercer

I'm looking for a good snickerdoodle recipe, are you sharing? (they aren't as popular in Canada & hard to find...but I love them)


the one i linked on my blog, in this post is good! its from better homes and gardens :)


1. brussel sprouts are still gross at any age.

2. your pinay just resurfaced with your declaration of love for sinangag at itlog

3. are you seriously letting elsie bake cookies with the same fingers she put in her mouth? ;)

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