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January 07, 2010


Shannon Tidwell

poor guy! hope it's not milk...but that you find the cause and it's simple!


I hope he gets better soon!! I love love Almond milk, there is one called almond breeze, and it comes in vanilla, chocolate and plain. It is kinda hard to find, although I usually get it at Albertson's. It is creamier than most soy milks, and everyone that comes to my house loves it... good luck finding what it is!!


When my son was about that age he was getting headaches too. Turned out he needed glasses. Hope you figure it out soon.


I saw that in the store! Ill get some, thanks for the rec!


Oh that is tough! Almond milk is good in hot cereal. I hope you find the source of his headaches. You might want to check out the book Body Ecology. It is for gluten intolerant people but it has great info on the body and how foods affect it.

Courtney Walsh


I routinely make two different meals a night for the same reason... tonight we all had meatloaf but my son can't have wheat so I had to make meatballs for him without the bread crumbs. He also can't do milk, though I think that allergy isn't quite as bad... it's sooo hard, but you do get the hang of it...and we've got him on rice milk and he really likes it. He'll eat soy yogurt and there are a ton of products made with vegetables (like cheese) that melt pretty well and he seems to be okay with those as well.

Good luck!! I know how difficult it can be, but there's lots of good resources out there!

lisa truesdell

visit whole foods, you'll find lots of dairy free options. i was no dairy/no soy for sam's first year since i was nursing and he was WAY intolerant, and they were a lifesaver.


so true!! I love whole foods! thanks!


2 meals a night... sigh. That must be tough! I know theres lots of
info out there, gotta start reading :)


oooh very cool alison! ill have to check out that book. sounds fascinating!

Deena Tamashiro

Ooh, hope it's not the milk. My little girl is a huge milk drinker to, and I don't know what I'd do if I had to cut that from her diet.


Poor guy!!
I am a migraine sufferer and cajun spices are one of my trigger you consistently use a set of spices that might set off the headaches? I kept a food log for months before figuring out all my trigger foods. Best of luck in solving this!!!


we are keeping a log... i am so interested to see what happens!


Poor Cam I had know idea he had headaches. I used to get headaches when I was younger too! They were horrible. I still to this day don't know what the cause was. I think it may have been allergies or possibly hormonal. I will pray it's not milk. I know how much he loves it. :(


My boyfriend's mom gives horrible migrane from eating pasta. Possible idea? My mom makes oatmeal with chicken broth. :-)

Amy Hummel

I have headaches all the time too. I never thought of milk being the culprit. Sadly, I love milk too. Maybe if it works for him I'll have to try it.


You can get him checked for food allergies. Love Almond Milk too...whole foods has loads of yummy options. I would go au natural on foods for a sweets, processed foods. Ask him if there's certain times he has headaches over others.

Try cooking oatmeal on the stove w/apple juice...better than water...then add a teeny bit of almond milk...perfecto.


Try Trader Joe soy milk if you have to go with soy.. My son won't drink anything but Trader Joe soy milk.


We do almond milk original for cerial and vanilla almond milk for everything else. Milk can do crazy stuff to you if you have an intollerance. (We've all been allergy tested and we are not allergic). David was diagnosed with autism when he was little until we took him off of dairy.


Jamie, another migraine person checking in here...besides food, make sure you're logging things like how much sleep he's getting and what the weather was like each day. Barometric pressure changing can set off a migraine. Too little or too much sleep can set off one, too. Hoping y'all find the answers soon. Will be thinking of you and your sweet boy.


man, that sucks! call ming. you know her kids are allergic to everything. she has a ton of recipes. even some yummy wheat/dairy free banana muffins. i hope you find out the culprit! keep us posted. xo you cam.

tara pollard pakosta

you can do smoothies. just use frozen fruit (strawberries) banana, and water....I usually add flax seeds to my girls or wheat germ...sometimes yogurt, but you wouldn't have to do that!


Our lactose-intolerant little boy loves So Delicious coconut milk beverages. He likes it in his cereal, and I make him hot cocoa and chocolate milk with it. It's the only "milk" our family enjoys now! They also make very tasty coconut milk yogurt, and Purely Decadent coconut milk ice cream is incredible!

You might also want to make sure that there isn't any aspartame (the artificial sweetener, Equal) sneaking into his diet. It's in everything from "sugar-free" products, to regular chewing gum. I suffered from migraine headaches for years, before I made the connection.


awesome suggestions, thank yOU!


I don't know about Dairy products, but when I was in about 5th grade my doctor told me to stay away from chocolate, cheeses, and salty meats... hopefully to stop my headaches. Turned out I needed glasses! :D

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