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January 19, 2010


Shannon Tidwell

Yum! What an awesome gift!!! Love that you and Kira could do it together.:)


Yummy ! You are making me hungry!! I need to take a pie making class. What a great idea!


that was the equivalent of buying you lingerie, you open it but i get to enjoy it:)

cindee bae

Do you hear my stomach growling? I'm starving all of a sudden and craving a pie.

Paige Evans

WAITRESS IS ONE OF MY TOP THREE FAVORITE MOVIES! I'M SO GLAD I KNOW SOMEONE (WHO LIVES LIKE THREE BLOCKS AWAY COINCIDENTALLY!) WHO LOVES IT JUST AS ME!!! We should totally have a Waitress movie night. Awhile ago I dedicated a whole blog post to my feelings about Waitress and Adrienne Shelley:

Your pies look delicious!

stephanie mah

yummy!!!! wish you can send some over.:p

laura t.

love love that movie and totally j you rec'd the perfect gift!! can you share tips on that great looking crust?


looks delish! & i L*O*V*E that movie too!

liz kartchner

you and chris are the cutest!!


I never saw the movie...I'll have to rent it soon. I think it is a brilliant gift idea...better than my cousin who gave his wife a subscription to Jenny Craig & the local gym (said she was getting a little hefty).


Chris seems like such a romantic! It's a practical gift, sure, but it's so unique and so so thoughtful that you can't say the gift was for him. Well, maybe a little, but what a great idea! Obviously he put thought into it instead of getting you a new perfume or whatnot, so that's what counts.

Stephanie Howell

that is one of my absolute favorite moments. and andy griffith? sigh.
you are so domestic!! hehe! xoxo


that is an amazing movie. i stumbled across it in on-demand one day and had to watch because i heard so many talking about it. its truly a special story.

what a cool gift. pie crust is on my list as one of the things i want to master one day,


I've seen the movie and really enjoyed it. It did kind of stir up my frustration in that I'm terrible at making crust!!!!


I just saw this movie like 3 weeks ago. It was sent to me by mistake and it sat there for 2 months before i watched it. I sat there thinking what an idiot I was to have it sit there that long when I could have been watching it over and over again. love, love, love that movie!
I feel like watching it now lol


i love that gift! i love the results more!!!


Ahhhh...soo sweet!! Can't wait to get the video! Thank you!


Love the movie! Love the fun!


Oooh, I love quiche. It's so easy to make. I also have a fav peaches and cream pie that employs sour cream in the mix.

I must confess though that I purchase my crusts. If you have any tips or recipes to pass along, I'm open. My success with making pie crusts is nill.

danni p

oh my gosh jaime, i love waitress too! such a horrible story though.
p.s. hope ya had a blast at cha


I'm obsessed with this movie, too. LOVED it!

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