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February 28, 2010


jennifer mcguire

time flies. but the time has been amazing, huh? hugs to you.


She is so precious! We adore her!! Life before Elsie just wasn't as fun!! What a blessing!
Happy Birthday to you Elsie! Love lots Auntie Rachael & family!

amy tangerine

she is adorable. absolutely adorable.


happy birthday, elsie! welcome to the 4 club! :) love, natalie

Sasha Farina

Happy Birthday Els! lots of love from Auntie Sasha!


wow that did go fast! i remember reading your blog and she was just an infant...and all the love your family was giving her! happy 4th elsie...

Jen Johner

She is so adorable! Happy Birthday to Elsie!

Jessica O'Brien

Happy Birthday to Elsie! She's such a cutie! Although she was so not into me that day at The Grove ;)


Happy Birthday Els!!! We can't wait to celebrate with you!!!
lots of love, Kili & B

Tiffany W

your daughter is so cute!
Happy Birthday Elsie!!

and what clothing store is that? The clothes look amazing!!


happy birthday elsie! hopefully we can celebrate with your girl again one year. love you forever! xoxo

stephanie mah

She is too adorable! Happy Birthday to Elsie!!!!
hugs and kisses all the way from Singapore.:)


we love you els. we hope you have a great birthday.
salanoa family


WOW! I can't believe Elsie is four! I will always remember a picture that you took of her when she was a baby- you had been out for the day and she was in a baby bjorn type thing and she had this adorable delirious-tired smile. It was not long after I first found your blog! I can't believe that was just under four years ago because that picture of her is still so clear in my head!

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