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February 16, 2010


liz kartchner

i love these photos so much!

ps those dwarfs are cute. my girls love snow white right now. avery always makes me be grumpy when we play. (he's her favorite for some reason. :)

stephanie mah

lovely photos of E!


always love your photos and reading your's real! thanks for sharing.

tara pollard pakosta

I always had a hard time with the make believe, unless they let me make up whatever I wanted, but when they tried to tell me what to do, I wanted to make up my own stuff LOL!!! I would rather paint, craft, bake, garden, take walks, ride bikes etc. with them than "play" make believe too!
love the pix! she's adorable! and I can't believe almost 4! seriouslY! that went FAST!

Courtney Walsh

I have never been a good pretender least not out loud! I've always felt like I SHOULD be better at it...but I'm just...not. :(

I think it's okay though, my daughter is 8 now and still finds ways to teach her imaginary class, take care of her imaginary babies and torment her NOT imaginary brothers! lol :)

Adorable pictures!

Tiffany E. darling, your little girl is so sweet and hope she has a fantastic birthday soon! I came over from Kiara's blog....great site!


c'mon jame. you can pretend with her... remember the mermaids?


haha. sometimes i hear my son playing by himself as i go on with my daily chores and i have to stop and watch. i love being reminded of how vast and powerful their imaginations are at that age. every so often i'll catch him playing pretend. but majority of the time he's re-enacting bits of his favorite movie or show. still just as precious. cannot believe li'l elsie's going to be four.

Katrinna J.

I love that age, where they are still sweet, always want your attention..etc. When my daughter was 3-4 she always played with my little bottles and even named each one of them. She had toys, but like to play with little things and go imaginaryland. Gone are those days, but I do treasure them. Miss Els is gonna be 4? Wow...Still can't believe it. Enjoy those priceless moments. I know u do with your pictures.

Lisa DIckinson

oh these photos melt my heart jamie! (and I'm secretly glad I'm not the only mama who doesn't do the pretending thing well, either!) :)

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