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March 05, 2010



she looks so much like her big sister in that 5th photo. :)


lol! I want elsie's hand me downs for my girls! :) She is quite fashionable!

Suzelle Kasaian

what a DOLLIE !!!!!

stephanie mah

aww....she is too adorable! :)

Katrinna J.

Always pretty and adorable! She grew up so fast. I love birthdays too,but not


this is too amazing. i AM NOT showing this to malaya. there would be too much expectations for next weekend. happy birthday beautiful elsie! you are absolutely gorgeous in your yellow belt. suits you so well.


She's so cute! LOve her! Glad you all had fun & she looks so adorable in her dresses & new yellow belt!


These are adorable, Jamie, and I think I'll steal that idea for the photo wall (you should share that with Sara for next week!!) Such a good idea. And goodness, she looks JUST like you in that second photo from the party day. I've never noticed it from other pictures!


Happy Birthday to Elsie!! She looks soooo grown up, crazy how fast that goes, huh? I love the pics of her in the brown polka-dotted dress. In each of them she reminds me of a different sibling...1st and 3rd the boys, and the middle Kira :)


Hi Jamie
thank you so much for sharing your joy! My daughter will be 4 in June and love the photo wall!

tara pollard pakosta

She is looking 4 now too!
so sad, but exciting!
Love all of these shots!
love the dresses!
love the picture wall!
we do pictures in frames on a table with a homeade mini book + presents, but I LOVE your picture wall! tara



LOVE, LOVE the yellow belt! I want one now!

That second picture with the brown dress and yellow belt - she looks exactly like Cameron to me! WOW!


What a cute birthday set up and idea of the photos up... So lovely!

lisa truesdell

omgoodness, what a sweetie. happy 4, elsie!!

that 2nd pic in the brown dress - wow. you can totally *see* her as an older girl... beautiful.


you know that i love that she wanted crewcuts :)

she's too adorable, jamie!!!


what a fun birthday! Not to sound too stalkerish, but I remember you posting when she was a baby, how fun to watch her grow into a little lady! My twins turned 4 this week also, we had our first friend birthday party with friends from school. I think I had as much fun as the kids did!


Jamie, Elsie is so big now, I cannot believe it! You guys are so creative, I love how you celebrate birthdays with your kiddies. I think that's the first time I've seen Elsie w/ her hair back and she looks so grown up and adorable!! Happy belated birthday Elsie! Love, Johnny, Kim & Palmer

Tanya M

Aww, she actually even LOOKS older in these. I think the baby face is disappearing! She looks like she had a lot of fun and obviously felt really special with all those pictures of her up.


elf! you are gorgeous and soo stylish! i love your little ponytail hair...

happy belated.

cindee bae

wall o' elsie is such a cool idea!!!


Oh my goodness... she's just so stinkin' cute! Happy birthday Elsie!

susan d.

aww... i know how you feel! happy birthday elsie...can't believe she's already 4!!

Stephanie Howell

oh jamie...i could just eat her up. and i LOVE the picture wall idea! might use it when miss harper turns four in a couple of months. xoxo

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