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March 16, 2010



aw~. thank you for all your posts about els in preschool. my little boy will be starting next week and your stories always help me feel less anxious. i know he'll be okay. at least i hope so. i'm the one i'm worried about. :b


Congrats to the winners :)
Love your photos of Elsie, she has such expressive eyes!

stephanie mah one of the winner.:) thanks Jamie!!
will send an email to you soon! have make my day!!

love all these photos of E!

jamie k

where did you get E's sweater? I love it!!
I'm having a bit of anxiety about putting K in daycare right now, but I think she would benefit from the socialization with other kids. seeing this makes me think it might be okay!

Shannon Tidwell

you are just teasing me with that sweater!
love preschool too!!!

Katrinna J.

Hi Jamie, HOpe you got my e-mail.
Thanks again for picking me too. Hope you had a good Easter, inspite of that shaking going on. Be safe!

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