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May 21, 2010



Have fun with mama!! Kick up your feet & enjoy some good time together!! Love you!

Kate J.

You're blessed to have your mom around. If I could do that, I would, but my mom is in Philippines since 4 years ago. I miss her hugs.

stephanie mah

beautiful layout! ((:

totally agreed with you, i always have my lunch at my mom's house every saturday.

have a great weekend!!

Heidi Sonboul

That is such a sweet little photo. Don't ya just love Motherhood?!

Cute paper too :)


Jamie, that picture is precious. I wish I had more of me with my kids. Does your mom live nearby or are you traveling? My mom lives 2 minutes from me in the same subdivision. It's nice when I want to drop the kids off for a bit.


mama = home...

Lisa Dickinson

this is so, so sweet! :)


Have a great weekend! Love that picture and the layout! :)

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