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June 15, 2010



Hi Jamie -
We're a busy family as well, but I always say "you're only as busy as you make yourself." We love it, and soon our kids will no longer need us to run them around from practice, to school, to lessons & to friends. They will be asking for the keys instead -- and not a ride. So.....embrace the business and know that it will be over before we want it to be. :)jill
btw - love Elsie's tee. Where'd you get it? Would love an "A" & a "D" for my girls.


I didn't know you moved. Congrats.


love seeing a new post from you!
i too love the "t" & would like to know where it's from?
L*O*V*E your style...

stephanie mah

i love summer! but weather in singapore is not good to me. :((
Happy Summer holiday!


dang...I'm officially out of the loop with you jame. i don't even know you anymore :(
we need a looooonnng catch up

elsie is looking like a big girl now :)


My kids love the beach so much, and lucky for them so do I. Spend at least 10 days at the beach this's a natural playground, it's free, and you are outdoors.


Awww! Poor, sweet Elsie! I hope she adapts soon. I'm sure she will. :-)

Have fun at the beach! And have fun sleeping in too! HA! :-D


I second this goal, can't wait! Great pics of elsie:)

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