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June 03, 2010



Happy Happy Happy Birthday Kira! Wow 15....may your day be blessed with great friends, family and memories!


Perfecty stated! Love you Kira.

stephanie mah

beautiful layout!

wish Kira a very happy birthday!


Love it!! I agree...with everything!
Happy Birthday Kira we love you! You are amazing & B E A U tiful!!


wow. 15. we love you k ;) you are beautiful.


haha yup you can only wish ;]
[lol like why so old school?]


Fifteen is just that age, I guess. My mom always mentions how only after my little sister moved out of the house and had her own bills to pay did she realize all that my parents did for her. I think it's because we have it so good that we don't realize how much our parents do and sacrifice until we have to do it ourselves. No matter what you say or do. Have a beeautiful celebration!

tara pollard pakosta

wow! 15, I even remember when she was 11 and I just read your blog and it went so fast!!! she's so beautiful! and seems like an amazing girl! enjoy these last few years of her by your side!
love, tara

p.s. Happy Birthday Kira!


Happy Birthday!!

Kate J.

Kira's growing up so fast and blooming to a gorgeous young lady. You're great parents to her and you fill her with lots of lovin. She's in her comfort zone and she is blessed to have you and Chris as her parents and her siblings. I am saying this, even I don't know you personally, but your blog says so much. :-)


My daughter is 15 too and I feel your pain! One day she's keeping silent about what's going on in her life (even though I try to ask the right questions!) and the next day she's snuggling on the couch with me holding my hand and pouring out her heart!

Being the mom of a 15yo daughter is a tough road indeed. Hang in there. I am and my spirit is lifted when my neighbors tell me what a great kid she is. Iknow we're doing something right.

((hugs)) from a fellow mother-of-a-15yo-daughter and new reader who came over from Lemon and Raspberry.


I have an 18, 17, 15 and 14. What I've learned is that it's often best to just be available when they are ready to share. Critiquing or critisizing almost never goes well, though correction is necessary at times. Mine are pretty open when I keep relatively quiet. When they share and i have an opinion, I ask if they want it. If they do, I share, if not, I swallow hard and smile. It's working out ok so far. Good luck!

ate Maribeth

Love your current pictures of Els Jamie. SHe's a character. I often check out your blog and love it.

your ate



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