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July 01, 2010



Whoops, I guess I should be nicer and acknowledge kids selling lemonade next time I drive by. I usually just look. Next time I'll smile. Or even wave. :) So it seems your kids have no problem adjusting to living in a new place!


Oh, I love this Jamie!

Jessica O'Brien

so cute!!! i wish i could spot one on my street.

my street growing up was known for it's x-mas lights so a group of kids started selling hot cocoa, apple cider and cookies to the long line of cars that would snake the blocks. smart move!


too cute! reminds me of our little sales ventures when we were young. AJAJ sale :)

Kate J.

Great to see your kids out there under the sun and bringing cold drinks whoever passes by. Smart and cute kids!


I love this !! So cute! What fun!!!

stephanie mah

how fun! love it ((:


i can't believe you didn't give a shout out to the AJAJ sales!!!!

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