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July 13, 2010



I love all of those pictures, especially Elsie's treasures. Those are the best things to document! You should scrapbook these pictures now!


i can totally relate to the "hurting heart". =\


goosebumps!! :) xoxoxoxo
love your family!

tara pollard pakosta

I just dread the days when my girls turn into teenagers and I have less and less time of them being home and wanting to be home. THey are getting closer and closer to that stage (almost 9 and 10.5). it's so sad!!! Enjoy every second as I know you will!
LOVELY pictures!!!!

Kate J.

I know you're having a great Summer time. I noticed that Cam had gotten taller, almost catching up to Kira! He's gonna be a tall guy like his dad. God bless!

Stephanie Mah

love all those photos! ((: have a great summer!

Michelle Clement

Oh, lovely!! :) The beach days are the best days of cares in the world, sunshine + family. :) Beautiful photos!!


i find myself reading faster, more like skimming through your words as soon as you start talking about how big kira is getting. not bcus i'm not interested, but bcus i think it gives me a bit of anxiety. uuuughhh.

lets talk more about the kids loosing their first teeth. :)

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