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July 02, 2010


Kim H.

Very sweet and tender. :)


elsie just melted me...too sweet!
(and yes, she will adjust!)
happy 4th of july!


That is soooo sweet & made me all teary! I love you Elsie!! Hugs!


I love the story, so sweet, and I love the look of those pictures. Are they taken with your iPhone? The funny thing is that my son loves moving. Out with the old, in with the new. We thought we were moving out of this house until recently, and he was excited. He says he's tired of it! Kids are so funny.

Kate J.

Jamie, it seems like a chapter of a story. Els still wants the old house and her life left behind in there. That was very sweet when Chris prayed and laid hands on the door of the old house. What a caring and understanding dad!

stephanie mah

this post just melt my heart. ((:


i almost teared up on that one.. i bet she will remember that forever..


Very sweet and tender. She is blessed to have two parents who are so willing to tune in to her. :)

tara pollard pakosta

so sad! poor elsie!
kids are resilient, but it's actually probably harder that the move was so close. out of sight, out of mind is probably much easier! but the visits, since it is so close, will probably help.
when we moved, we moved an hour away and savannah was so excited before we moved, but the day of the move, brought her to tears.
it's hard, change is hard. but she will be just fine, cause she has 2 wonderful parents who provide stability and comfort and gives her just what she needs!
maybe a mini scrapbook of her old house she could carry around would help her too! HINT HINT!
I need some inspiratioN! have not scrapbooked in FOREvER! tara


Jame...have you ever considered being a writer? This, for example, is good material... xoxo


this story is toooo cute

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