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September 08, 2010



Love her!! Hugs to my sweet Else.

Shannon Tidwell

Love that big door! can't wait to see more! Maybe you should have merry maids come for a day.:) You are so brave to break out the paints.:)

Stephanie Mah

awww....E is too sweet. I want to hug her! ((:
cant wait to see more pics of your new home. ((:


good lord i love you, you are the perfect wie and mother.


aaaannnndddd e make beautiful children.

shannon m.

I'm so glad you get some good happy Elsie time! (and that she's the kind of kid that makes that time fun). I think the last two years were my favorites of motherhood... while F was at preschool or kindergarten for part of the day, and with me for the rest of the time. Running errands, eating lunch, I loved it. Kind of sad to have him in 1st grade.
Also, Chris' comments above melt me. So sweet. :)


love the paint on the tips of "E's" fingers...


was the title of this blog an ode to campus 17? it's almost 'get into the groove' ala madonna...


no, it's "get into the grooove!"

oh man, auts beat me.

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