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November 03, 2010


tara pollard pakosta

she's so cute! I want to see a recent picture with her hair grown so I can see if she looks older or younger! does she have bangs or no? bangs can make you look older too! I noticed that on some kids sometimes! one of my girls got her hair super short and she looks younger, but the other one got hers cut medium length and it made her look 2 years older UGH!!! at any rate, els is so cute any style! tara

Stephanie mah

She is too cute! I wanna hug her((:

jamie k

I'm still waiting for Keira to have MORE hair for me to comb and put clips in. And still waiting for her to drink milk out of a sippy. And I'm sure when that day comes, I will be wishing it didn't. Why do they grow so fast?


Oh, I remember her that little. My heart breaks when then grow, but also love how they change, have their own thoughts, ideas and independence. My kids milk tastes changed too, post sippy, isn't that interesting. But I have 3/4 chocolate and 1/4 white. I don't complain, at least they drink it :) Have a great day! And I do love, love, love seeing more posts by you.


she is so adorable!! and they grow up so fast, don't they? My kids don't like plain milk either. Arden went from no pants to mostly pants/jeans. funny how they change their opinions!


She's too cute!

Is it bad that I enjoyed that cartoon?? heheheh


aw~. i miss that bob too! thankfully my son takes any milk. white. pink. chocolate. unfortunately, i'm still working on getting the baby girl to wean off me. she'll take sips of white milk here and there but still prefers me.

my son loves that episode ... a few weeks ago he was exclaiming "i will never ever eat a tomato" at every meal. last night we just watched "may i have some of yours?" love that episode. and i love imagining that that's how my little ones will be. charlie is SO patient!


I LOVE THAT SHOW! Theyre both just soo cute :)

lisa truesdell

love lola. love that little elsie, too. she really has grown up a lot lately!


awwww.....she's a beauty!!

winter boots

she's a beauty!!
so cute.


so S*W*E*E*T...

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