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January 11, 2011


Kate J.

Your bed looks like a cloud! She is definitely growing up so fast. Love your wall too.


I need to come to your house and jump with you, then take a nap on your bed :)


...and I'm excited for you.


this post makes my heart hurt a little!


i am in the same situation. 3 kids, 11 years at home, what to do next. please pass on any advice or discoveries.


love these shots! I totally relate-what to do where to go & what is the right choice-love you ! I am ready to jump with you!!


she is too cute! and growing so fast! i've been lurking on your blog for a little while now, but never said hello! just had to let you know that you and your family are quite adorable :)


big changes for sure! good luck!

Stephanie Mah

love your bed and those photos.((:

Kim Gibson

love the garland on the wall - makes for a fun photo. :)


love these photos!
i can so relate...
i have been home with my "babies" for 16 years and my youngest is in school full time now...
not sure "what i want to be when i grow up"... i know i want to do something creative~but i am nervous about re-entering "the work force"

do you mind if i asked where your bedding it from? love it!

tara pollard pakosta

well I think you should do more with photography! maybe newborns, preschoolers! while she is gone!!!


aw~. i was debating between that bedding, the cream rivulets or the grey rosette ones. it looks even more super cute in real life. well, i mean not quite real life but more real than the online photos. i just haven't quite justified spending $300 on something that i know is going get dirty really fast. but now it's so much more tempting now seeing how much fun elsie is having on it. i can't believe how LONG her hair is now!! have a great week!


Hi my friend, and happy 2011.
Your little Els looks so beautiful in your big cozy bed. :)
Good luck on all your decissions.



well written jame. xoxox


Oooh...I know so well how this feels. I sent my baby to school last year, and thought I would love having lots of time for "me". Turns out it was lonely, and unproductive, and sometimes disheartening too. I've just started some part time work, doing something totally different that what I did before kids (14 years ago)...and I love it!
Best of luck with your decisions. Take your time if you can afford helps :)

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