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January 27, 2011



4:19 am, Jamie!? Love the tea strainer and the link to the other ones, too. Home looks lovely!


i love that strainer! i love this post. i love tea! :)

all of the pictures here are so pretty! especially that print! so lovely!


me too I love your new house- love the pics of the tea cups-love those tea cups- and your kitchen...mmmmm off to have a cup of tea now too!! LOVE you!!

Stephanie Mah

love the link. your kitchen look awesome! ((: i have yet see any picutres of your new home. ):


that is the cutest little tea thing i've ever seen. can't wait to enjoy some with you!


what a cute tea strainer!!


I love this whole post. Inspiring. Beautiful pictures. Beautiful tea cup. I really really want to see your house now too. I love your style, so I'm sure it's beautiful. I'm like that about my house too, it seems like it's never done and I wish I could get this or that.


Love the pictures of cups of tea love these cups of tea and yours is the cutest little tea kitchen.that I've ever seen.

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