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February 21, 2011



luRve that when i "got to" your blog, there were many posts to catch up on! but i must say, i gasped when i got to "kira's dance" a follower of your blog for many years (b/f "e"), i can not believe how mature and absolutely beautiful (no surprise there!) she is! *sigh*...

time is going to fast! mine are now...joe (almost 15), matt (12) & carlie (just turned 8)...

can't we slow it

thanks for posting and love how you home is looking...enjoy!



Miss you all-glad she's feeling better- Gabe's sick again with an ear infection...I'll be glad when all of this sickies are gone & the sun is shining!
Love you!

Stephanie Mah

glad that your kids are better now. ((:

Kate J.

Yeah, blame it on the weather. Hope they are doing better. I like the hair coils on Els hair. She's so adorable.


what r those cute swirly things in her hair and where can i get some?

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