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April 18, 2011


Stephanie mah

I love all these shots. She is such as sweetie.

Kelly noel

She is so adorable, jamie! Such sweet photos of the two of you!!


i love the pics, jame. you guys are so cute.


i miss you!



kim henkel

they make me smile too! xoxo

prom suits

So cute and very sweet child and also you have good camera the pictures you got are very clear and very colorful. I miss my mom its been i year never see her.

Christy Croll/Tiddly Inks

Adorable!! your photos are amazing!

tara pollard pakosta

so sweet jamie!
I love what these pix capture.
I am sad she is growing up so fast, I can imagine how you must feel!!!
they are still such babies at 5, enjoy that, because at almost 10, my baby girl is barely able to fit in my lap!!!

Lisa Dickinson

awww....these are precious jamie! gosh that elsie is just a doll :)

Kate J.

Amazing love!!! What you have together!


definitely loving pictures! i love the way you and Chris takes photos. they're so natural and so great.

how about you guys posing at my Peony Farm when the peonies are blooming?

then, i can post your beautiful pictures on my


she already has the "eye" for photography like mama and daddy!

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