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October 24, 2011


jackie rice

i love felicity as well and i'm excited to see so many people enjoying it now that it's on netflix. i borrowed the dvds slowly from the library the first time i watched it through. i've slowly added them to my collection through christmas gifts.

anyways it's a delightful show, full of the drama that we can relate to and enjoy from a distance. the soundtrack is great and oh that title sequence. it always makes me want to get great black and white shots of everyone i love. thanks for writing about this lovely show and reminding me of how much i need to watch it all over again.


hooray! i'm currently watching gilmore girls (same story, heard good things about it, but didn't watch it at the time, not huge tv watcher) on my ipod when I ride the exercise bike--can't watch it unless I'm riding LOL, and I've been wondering what series I could watch next and enjoy as much. thanks for the recommendation!


i think i watched it years ago, the first few eps, but it wasn't a good time in my life for TV...:) you have me convinced though - j.j. abrams? okay! I'll watch! :D

Rachael Yonko

I love Felicity!! Ever since you told me u were watching it - I started too. Still haven't watch the last shows...cheesy but I don't want it to be over. It's weird when u read a good book or fall in love with characters u don't want it to end. Great comments- love the opening & b&w photography- so good. Miss u!

Crissy  Farah

We must be kindred spirits. I started watching it a month ago while editing, and got hooked. I was never into it the first time around, but watching it now I fully appreciate it. It's kinda scary how that show mirrored part of my life. One of these days we must get together for lunch!


Love Felicity but only saw a few shows. I, too, am watching Gilmore Girls. Totally understand now why my sister loved it so much.

Erin Taylor

I, too started watching Felicity about a month ago. I' almost done with season 3 and I dread starting season 4, because I know it's going to end. The characters are so full of life & depth. You can't find that type of show on TV anymore. They are complex and simple and funny and totally human. Thanks for posting about this show. :-)


Miley MADE me watch this series and I adored it. I would seriously sit up till all hours of the night watching episode after episode. *sigh* why must all good things come to an end?!?!?


You aren't the only one...I watched it years ago on tv...I never liked the ending so I know I will be disappointed too. Friday night lights is my next Netflix tv show


One of my all time favorite shows...i love it..and now when i see so many of the actors in other shows(nolel is on greys!).it makes me want to go back and watch again.


One of my all time favorite shows...i love it..and now when i see so many of the actors in other shows(nolel is on greys!).it makes me want to go back and watch again.

Paige Evans

I love this show. We have similar tastes in movies and shows (The Waitress - or maybe we just like Keri Russell!) Anyways, I didn't know Felicity is on Netflix - woohoo! Just added it to my instant queue.

Megan Renfree

Oh yeah. I loved Felicity. Such a great show that I would watch religiously each week! And then have to wait 6 months for the next season, or even longer for TVNZ to get their butt into gear. I love Keri Russell, but she never seemed to make much of herself after that series. Such a shame! And as some of the girls have said. Gilmore girls is definitely another great series to watch if you havn't seen it!! Its another one of my Sunday afternoon fave's.


I loved Felicity - and another vote here for Gilmore Girls if you have never watched it. And that is SEVEN seasons. 154 shows, I believe.


I watched Felicity back in the day. I was in college and it was something my roommates and I did together.

I decided to start watching it again and at the moment, I'm watching the pilot episode and it's making me so nervous. Ugh. So stressful. (She just told Ben why she moved to NY.)


Oh, no. Now it's the episode where Felicity's dorm has a party. And she records that letter to Sally about Ben... I actually remember this episode from the first time it aired and I'm so uncomfortable.


hunh. i watched this show in college and didn't watch the first season. my parents had/ve all the channels but the cw or whatever it was back then didn't really show up (same with dawson's creek) so i missed it. the college gals and i watched it, and i thought ben was so hot i was smitten. my roomies bought be the soundtrack to the last season (too bad haircuts ruined the ratings. it's more than looks, peeps!)


This is too much. I'm watching the episode where Felicity finds out about Ben & Julie via Noel. I love Noel. I'm so glad I'm watching this show so much.

Michelle S

So I was one of those people who watching it while it was on and my friends and I continue (to this day) to have debates about how I believe she should have ended up with Noel and they believe it should have been Ben. Aaahhh....the joys of friendship!

Linda G.

I watched it the first time and LOVED it! Thank you for reminding me about a fantastic series!!


This cracks me up... because I just started watching this on Netflix... same story, never watched before! And, I'm loving it!

Jenn N

I agree, hands down, Felicity is one of my all time faves. to love him! We've been debating Netflix and this might just be the reason to go forward with it!

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