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October 21, 2011



OH, NO - HE'S NOT! (;
Still checking! (;
But hope you have much better things to do! (;

Lovely greetings from over the ocean
from the BlackForestRegion/Germany (;

Maribeth Donida

i do check it from time to time too Jamie! I love your blog.



I check too;)

Rachael Yonko

No way! I check it everyday. It's on my homepage - I understand. I love u! Miss u!


I check!! <3


I check! :) Hope to see you posting again Jaime!

Wendy B,

Me too! I check it everyday. Miss you.


yeah, I check too when you give links :)
I can't believe how big and cute elsie is getting!



I check.
I read.
and I love it.

stephanie mah

hi, how are you? well sometimes i do check out your blog. ((: have a great weekend! btw, time flies, E is such a big girl now. (:


You're in my reader and I brightened up tremendously when you popped up as having something new today : ) We're out here! Post more! Ha.

Kate aka stinkydudette

You are in my reader too, so I'm always around for as long as you are. And E's so grown up now! *hugs*


I also check very often hoping for an update, although I never post comments. I miss your pictures and interesting posts. Hope you find time to update again!

Lauren N.

Me too. :)


Omg. I love it. I still read & you still really inspire me :)


I also check in....missed it.


As a matter of fact, you're in my Google Reader... so *when* you post, I do read. :-D

(That is... when I have the time. LOL. My Google Reader currently says I have 653 unread posts. This is after I deleted hundreds of random ones I can live without. And yes, I do have an eleven-week-old daughter, and yes, I'm still adjusting. LOL. :-p )

Kate J.

I enjoy your blog a lot! Yes, I still do check!
I understand your being a busy mom and you have different kind of days.


I check. I love reading your posts... love looking at your photos. :)


I check it. It seems that your life is on a different path now. that's how it goes. Love reading your posts, admiring your photography and your layouts.

Megan Renfree

I check. And I've missed your posts! Nice to see one :o)


I am a FAITHFUL follower!!!!!! LOVVVE your style and hearing your stories. Also love your photography. Please keep are such an inspiration.

Abby P.

Morning news...check; morning tea...check...go to work...check...hop over to Jamie's blog...double check :D

Anita T

I live in Australia and I check quite a few times a week. Love your work, wish you would do a book. It would sell like hot cakes! Keep being a great Mum, wife and scrapper. Anita

Candy Bryant

Love you & your lovely family. Keep it coming!
Fondest Aloha.

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