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November 02, 2011


Kelly noel

Oh Jamie, I know this must have been so tough for you. Be proud of the fact that you have brought such amazing inspiration to so many of us all these years. Will miss your work in the garden for sure! xo

Shelley Laming

I know how you feel. I still miss it! I hope you continue to create. So many have been inspired by you through the years -- you will be missed! Hugs to you, Jamie! -Shell

shannon Tidwell

:( I'm sad. Please keep scrapping. I'm so glad that this crazy hobby brought us together. love you!!


so, so proud of you. and so grateful for all those pages. i never want to see our home without scraps of paper lying around, little echoes of your beautiful creative spirit. one of my favorite things is to come home and see you sprawled out all over the floor with paper goods and embellishments all around you! thanks for making such a beautiful life for us, and faithfully documenting it all these years. love you!

Jennifer Pebbles

Jamie, you were always the first person I looked to for inspiration in the garden! It's hard to keep it up without that "something" driving you and giving you deadlines...I hope you continue to make beautiful things and share them with us!


Oh, I'm sad, too. So much has changed in scrapbooking since I stumbled upon 2Peas in July 2002, just a little bit after you... you were one of my constants : )


Hugs!! That must have been a really hard decision. xoxoxoxoxo

emily pitts

thank you jamie for all the inspiration. you've been one of the scrapbookers i've always admired. good luck with the change :)


you were always so great to work with, jamie. i hope you'll continue to create the amazing pages you're known for!


oh jamie, this makes me sad! thanks so much for all the inspiration over the were always one of the first ones i looked to when i was stumped on a page...good luck to you and keep sharing your pages on your blog!!!

Kate J.

Jamie, you have given a lot of your talents and a lot had followed you and viewed your art. I understand, that as years pass by, you have other important things to do, your kids, your passion for photography, your life. I am sure you will keep going and creating more beautiful projects. Hope we can see them at your blog.
God bless you always!

Jill Sprott

Jamie, you will be so very missed!

Carol Schneider

Wow! I will pray for you as God opens new avenues for you to express the talents he has given you! Bittersweet for you I am sure. hard decision but the life changing ones always are! :-)


Wow!!! So touched at the outpouring of love and appreciation!! I love u Jamie! Proud of u for making this step & being brave!! I know u will continue to create- to dream & inspire us all.

Eva - Die Stempelk├╝che

I am ever so thankful I found you at 2peas. Thanks to you I could embrace scrapbooking as something cool, easy & fun to do and not tacky at all. All the best in whatever endeavours you are venturing out next!

Love all the way from Germany, Eva


Hi Jamie, I have admired your gallery for years, I'm sure you will continue to do wonderful things. Enjoy the next chapter. Anita from Australia.xo
P.S. who will I scrap lift now?

Cathy Pascual

Thank you for all your inspiration! You are one of my favorite scrappers ever. I have torn out your pages from magazines because your style is so fresh and original. And your photography is amazing. So what is next for you? I'm excited to see.

Kathy Reid

I'm a big fan. Thanks for the inspiration.


you are so famous. i love you. you'll still be my personal go-to person for deco and styling advice!


best wishes for whatever the future holds for you!
keep creating and please keep blogging!
(how stinkin' cute was your husband's comment)...lucky girl!


Where have I been??? I had no idea, just popped in here on a whim. I thought for sure you'd be a GG like, forever. ;o) Seriously though, I know that the GGs and all the people you inspire over at the Garden are really going to miss you. Hugs!

tara pollard pakosta

I can't believe it's been that long! I love 2peas, always will! Some of my very best friendships were formed there! best to YOU! xoxo

shannon m

Aww. this makes me sad. I didn't know. I admired that you were still doing it, it kind of made me feel better, that "the biz" didn't take scrapbooking from everyone! I hope you will still scrap... you are amazing.

Melissa Lynn

You were my favorite garden girl...I always searched your layouts for inspiration.

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