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January 25, 2012


Rachael Yonko

Wow! They all look tasty. Great way to sneak in veggies or vitamins into our kids!

shannon Tidwell

Yum! Can you share the recipes? I wanna try!!

kathleen p.

oh yum! I'd love to try these!!! Do you just throw it all in a blender???


thanks for all of these links! the girls + i love smoothies. :)

btw - whole living has a smoothie app that has lots of good recipes as well.


the smoothies look D*E*L*I*S*H!
& keep on postin' :)


i've been on a smoothie kick too! i love the pb, banana, oatmeal, & almond milk one! thanks for sharing more recipes i'm gonna have to try!


sweet little blog you have here.
i received an amazing blender for xmas so we've been making *milkshakes* like crazy around here.

need to try something healthier! thanks for the inspiration.

Lisl Sukachevin

where do you buy the boba?


Those smoothies look good! I have the same question - where do you buy the boba?

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